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Terminate CAT6 \u0026 6A plug (Shielded) . LanPro make it easier !! | rj45 connector

by Hanh Nguyen

Terminate CAT6 \u0026 6A plug (Shielded) . LanPro make it easier !!

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LanPro new shielded plug makes a BIG difference.
Specially designed for CAT6A/6 solid wire. Do not crack under pressure .
Polycarbonate (Lexan) . Not cheap plastic.
Oversized. Shielded. AntiCross talk divider.
Drain wire connector embedded in the body of the unit.
I have use this one with shielded CAT5 , CAT6, 6A , double jacket outdoor PE and others … it is oversize so can handle larger diameter cable, and solve the mess of the drain wire .
I prefer to solder (not necessary) the drain wire to ensure a safe ground connection.

Terminate  CAT6 \u0026 6A  plug  (Shielded) .  LanPro make it easier !!


In this episode of Home Networking 101 we will convert a Phone line Jack into a Cat6 data line Jack. Like most new homes we have Cat6 ethernet cables running throughout our house and our kitchen outlet was wired as a standard Phone Line wired from the existing Cat6. Cat6 can be used for data or voice so converting it is very easy.No special tools are needed only a screw driver or cordless drill. The parts needed are a 1 port wall plate and a Cat6 wall Jack plug. Total cost is about 6 dollars and installation takes less than 5 minutes. If you have any questions or comments please leave them down below. Please hit the subscribe button and the bell Icon to be notified of future reviews and how to videos. Thanks again for watching. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualified purchases.
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Easy Steps:
1. Strip back the Ethernet cable (the cable skin) if needed
2. Arrange wires on to grooves on the RJ45 jack. Use the color code as a guide for the location of each wire.
3. Use the 110 punch tool to press wires down into the grooves. Cut off any extra wire left over.
4. Install the dust cover on top of the jack.
5. Install the Cat6 jack into the Cat6 wall plate and screw into the wall box.
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Make RJ45 connector with 4 fibers | NETVN

how to make RJ45 connector with 4 fibers .
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Make RJ45 connector with 4 fibers | NETVN

RJ45 Connector Punching/Patching Guide in Urdu

RJ45 Connector Punching/Patching on Network Cable CAT6 Guide in Urdu , Making Patch Cable, Straight LAN Cable Punching.

RJ45 Connector Punching/Patching Guide in Urdu

How To Install-Replace An RJ45 Connector On A CAT5-CAT5E Ethernet Network Cable

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How To InstallReplace An RJ45 Connector On A CAT5CAT5E Ethernet Network Cable

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How To Install-Replace An RJ45 Connector On A CAT5-CAT5E Ethernet Network Cable

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