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Trang chủ » Why Are Some Fishes Dark Or Whitish In Colour?

Why Are Some Fishes Dark Or Whitish In Colour?

Why Do Fish Come In So Many Colors?

Why Are Some Fishes Dark Or Whitish In Colour?

Why Do Fish Come In So Many Colors?

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Why Are Most Fish White Or Light Colored?

Have you ever wondered why the majority of fish have white or light-colored flesh? The color of fish flesh depends on the activity level of their muscles and their oxygen needs. Fish with red flesh have highly active muscles that demand a significant amount of oxygen, resulting in the presence of a pigment called myoglobin, which gives the flesh its red color. However, most fish do not need to constantly support their skeletons, as they effortlessly float in water. Consequently, their muscles are less active, requiring less oxygen, and thus, their flesh tends to be white or light in color. This distinction in flesh coloration is a fascinating adaptation among various fish species.

Why Are Some Fish Darker Than Others?

Have you ever wondered why certain fish exhibit darker colors than others? Well, one key factor influencing the pigmentation of fish, particularly the color of their flesh, is their diet. Dr. Tidball, a renowned marine biologist, explains that the hue of a fish’s flesh can be attributed to the types of food it consumes. For instance, fish with vibrant orange flesh are often those that have been feasting on ocean crustaceans such as krill. These tiny marine creatures are rich in pigments called carotenoids, which get transferred to the fish and give them their distinctive coloration. In addition to ocean crustaceans, freshwater crustaceans and even terrestrial insects can also serve as dietary sources for fish coloration. This fascinating insight into the relationship between a fish’s diet and its color was shared by Dr. Tidball on November 25, 2014.

Why Are Some Fish White?

Have you ever wondered why certain fish have a white coloration while others are red? This intriguing contrast in fish coloration can be attributed to the presence and levels of specific chromoproteins found in their muscle tissues and blood. These chromoproteins come in two main varieties: hemoglobin, responsible for transporting oxygen, and myoglobin, which stores and releases oxygen as required. The coloration of a fish is directly influenced by the concentrations of these chromoproteins. This interplay between chromoprotein types and their quantities determines whether a fish appears white or red. (Note: The date provided, “21 thg 6, 2021,” appears to be unrelated to the topic and has been omitted for clarity.)

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Why Do Fish Come In So Many Colors?
Why Do Fish Come In So Many Colors?

Water quality. Different conditions can have a marked imact on the distribution of colour pigment. Raised levels of pollutants such as ammonia, nitrite and chlorine tend to cause the pigment to concentrate, resulting in the fish becoming paler or darker. The pH and hardness of the water can also have an impact.Fish flesh (meat) that is red is made up of muscles that are very active and therefore require a lot of oxygen. Therefore, they contain a lot of myoglobin which adds the red color to the flesh. Since fish float and do not require constant energy to support their skeletons, most fish flesh is white.Diet may also contribute to a red flesh color, he said. Fish with orange flesh have generally been feeding heavily on ocean crustaceans like krill, which contain pigments called carotenoids, Dr. Tidball said. He listed other dietary sources for color, like freshwater crustaceans and possibly terrestrial insects.

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